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Guinness Cupcake Recipe

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes | Recipe

Happy St Patrick’s Day! This is one of my favourite holidays (it counts as a holiday, right?) because it’s totally ok to get utterly legless and no one will give you a sideways look – it’s in the name of a saint after all! To go along with the festivities I whipped up a batch of my […]

Bacon Pancake Recipe

Bacon Jacks | Recipe

It’s a tad bit late, but this Pancake Day recipe is totally worth the wait! You probably know from last years recipe, that I love stuffing my pancakes, and the theme for 2015 is All American, with a side of Canada. I present to you, Bacon Jacks, that’s right there are strips of crispy Bacon […]

Cinnamon Swirl Pastries | (a cheats) Recipe

I woke up on a Sunday ravenous with bare cupboards, after some crazed rummaging through the freezer I found some puff pastry and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I posted a picture on Instagram and it got a lot of loving, so I thought I would post the (super easy) recipe here, […]