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Plus Size Fashion

Cool Runnings | Style

In the words of Sanka Coffie, ‘I’m feeling very Olympic today!’ and its all down to these awesome trainers I got for Christmas. They make me feel very Cool Runnings.  Before we go any further can we just take a moment to appreciate these beauties in all their glory! Soft camel suede with iridescent snake skin […]

Plus Size Fashion

Recycled | Style

We live in a world of throwaway fashion, but real style is recycled. Now I don’t know about you, but my bank balance doesn’t allow for a new outfit everyday. Before I buy anything I think will it make 3 outfits with things I already own, if the answer is no, I walk on by! I can’t […]

Plus Size Fashion

Supercasj | Style

If I had to describe my every day style in one word, it would be supercasj.  There is something about a shirt under a sweater that adds an instant cool factor to a simple outfit, throw double denim into the mix and you’re on to a winner! I am in love with these cable knit […]