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Recently I’ve stumbled across some techy gold! Since downloading, my life has been revolutionised and it would be rude not to share.

1. Closet Space – For the Frustrated Fashionistas
Remember Cher Wolowitz’s wardrobe in Clueless? This nifty little app digitises your wardrobe, helping you to plan outfits, get inspiration and banish those “Nothing to Wear” days.
Closet Space Closet Space Closet Space
Top Tip: If getting set up feels a bit daunting, start by adding your favourite items only. You’ll have a base to work with and you can add other items as you wear them.

2. Lumosity – For the Budding Brainiacs
Angry Birds is great and all, but it’s probably killing off 1 brain cell per pig. Sudoko could be prescribed as an insomnia cure. Lumosity makes learning fun (no, really), with games that train your brain!
Lumosity LumosityLumosity
Top Tip: Don’t throw your phone across the room when you get stuck on Train of Thought. The whole point of it is to challenge your mind, it’s the taking part that counts, not the winning!

3. Hooks – For the Not yet in the Know’s
Imagine cramming a really cool yet organised person into your phone. They could let you know when that band you love is in town, or remind you it’s going to rain tomorrow, or if your name is mentioned on the internet!
Hooks App Hooks App Hooks App

Top Tip: Remember to check the time signature on the notification, otherwise you might get really hyped for the new episode of GoT, only to find that it doesn’t air in your part of the world for

What are your Must Apps?
Freya xo

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