Bacon Jacks | Recipe

It’s a tad bit late, but this Pancake Day recipe is totally worth the wait!
You probably know from last years recipe, that I love stuffing my pancakes, and the theme for 2015 is All American, with a side of Canada.
I present to you, Bacon Jacks, that’s right there are strips of crispy Bacon hidden inside those fluffy flapjacks (pancakes to us Brits), perfect for dunking in Maple Syrup.

Bacon Pancake Recipe

You will need:
My Basic (bish) Pancake Mix
Streaky Bacon
A Knob of Butter
Maple Syrup

Bacon Pancake RecipePop your bacon under the grill while you whip up your mix, I popped mine in a bottle to make it easier to pour into the pan.
Once the bacon is nice and crispy, put it on a plate with some kitchen paper to drain of any excess grease.
Bacon Pancake RecipeBacon Pancake RecipePop a knob of butter in the pan and heat it up, once its draw a thick line of batter in the pan, let it cook for a minute then place a strip of bacon on top, add another line off batter on top and flip once it starts to bubble.
Bacon Pancake RecipeBacon Pancake RecipeAnd TaDa, your Bacon Jacks are ready for dunking!
Bacon Pancake Recipe Bacon Pancake Recipe Bacon Pancake Recipe Bacon Pancake RecipeEnjoy
Freya xo

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