Autumn is here!

Hands up if you’re over Summer? Me too! I’m so ready for the autumn nights to draw in,  wrapping up under a blanket with Netflix and soaking up the autumn atmosphere. One of my favourite ways to bring in the new season is updating my home decor. Grab yourself a pumpkin-flavoured beverage and browse my top tips to make your home more autumn-y (that’s a word now).

Home Interiors

This is a super quick way to update your home. As HGTV says, swapping out your pillows & throws warms things up in your living room, bringing all the cosy autumnal feels. If you’re like me, you’ll jump on any excuse to buy new cushions, as soon as the leaves start to fall I switch out my summer furnishings for darker autumn tones and heavier fabrics like velvet for pillows and wool for throws and blankets.

Home Interiors

Switching from floral arrangements to something more seasonal is my favourite way to update my home for autumn! I mean why wait until halloween to get your pumpkin on? You can use Pumpkins (and gourds) all over your home as decorations. Country Living is a really handy site for decoration tips and amazing DIY ideas. My top tip when using pumpkins around the house, soak them pumpkin in bleach for an hour or so, dry it off then add a thin layer of vaseline and your pumpkin will stay fresher for longer – but obviously, don’t eat it after!

Interior Design

If you’re looking for some new wall art or decorations to go with your autumn décor, look no further than your own backyard. That’s right, go and grab a handful of fallen leaves then take a look at Handmade Charlotte. They have a great list of ways to turn an autumn leaf collection into really cute art, I love the leaves on a clothesline!

I love the idea of long autumnal forest walks, but in reality trying to dress for the ever changing season is always a nightmare. Instead, I’m all for re-creating the woodsy atmosphere indoors! Using natural elements like wood adds that rustic Skandi charm. If carving a pumpkin isn’t creative enough for you why not take on a DIY project? From tree stump stools to exposed tables, Screwfix has a variety of tools and accessories from cutting and sanding to wood lathes for more heavy-duty jobs. Just add wood.

What’s your favourite way to bring in the new season?


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