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In preparation for my new bed (finally) arriving, I decided to spruce up my bedroom. After painting the walls and ceiling, I decided to give my bedside tables a lick of paint as they were looking a little shabby and not in a chic way!


I started by sanding them down to smooth the surface, then wiped away the excess.

Rast.Spruce.Up Rast.Spruce.Up
I then filled in the unused pre-drilled holes (ahem, notice the upside down handles, I’m still waiting for the resident handyman to rectify this!) using wood filler.
Rast.Spruce.Up Rast.Spruce.Up

Once the filler had dried I applied two coats of paint, I mixed up my own bespoke mix of paint.

Rast.Spruce.Up Rast.Spruce.Up

With the fresh walls and bright bedside tables the room looks so much bigger.

Rast.Spruce.Up At-Rast


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